Robotboy and the Island of Doom

Animation: Norm Konyu, Matt West
Direction: Norm Konyu
Client: Cartoon Network (UK)

This was an ambitious half term stunt created for Cartoon Network. The premise was that over five days, Tommy and Lola would be 'tortured' by Robotboy's arch nemesis, Kamikaze. Each day, kids could phone in live to Gus, Tommy's hapless pal, who, stationed alone at Robotboy HQ, could help rescue them. Gus was controlled live with the Kaydara system, allowing some basic on the fly acting and lip sync. As it was, at the end of each day, Kamikaze's assistant, Constantine, managed to accidentally foil Kamikaze's plot. On the Friday, Robotboy himself would save the day.
These are truncated versions of the five insidious tortures....

Tommy,Lola, and Robotboy
Constantine airborne
Kamikaze and Constantine
Kamikaze's evil laugh
lava shark
All tied up