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Spongebob Squarepants and Fairly Odd Parents Toon Tussle

Animation: Norm Konyu
Client: Nickelodeon(UK)

These are elements provided for a half term stunt for Nicktoons, featuring characters form Spongebob Squarepants and the Fairly Odd Parents. Above is an animated bug logo, created in Flash to promote the event over the existing broadcast.


Above: pre-visualisation for a sumo arena set
Above right: Illustrator elements for After Effects operator to build the set
Right: Animated crowds provided to fill the set

arena crowd
spongebob support
fairy support

Above: Animated crowd cutaways were created for supporters of both shows, with various emotions, from elation to horror

Below: The 'tussles' came in the form of a 'Trump' card battle. Initially, we started with a very traditional card design, but eventually settled on the card on the right, a high tech version which allowed interactive elements and more visual interest

trump card designs

The Walphabet

client: Last Lemon Productions
animation: Norm Konyu

An alphabet song for the You Tube preschool generation: The Walphabet, animated for Last Lemon Productions.
Just be aware: the song gets in your head and stays there....

client: Last Lemon Productions
animation: Norm Konyu
direction: Norm Konyu, Ralph Lazar

Spinning off from the Harold's Planet spots I animated for Last Lemon Productions, this commercial for, featured loveable ol' Harold having some difficulty getting a seat at his favourite restaurant....

Strepsils 'Stronger Medicine'

Animation: Norm Konyu
Client: HRA

A first aid kit, knocked about by the sheer force of the Strepsils contained within... surely a job for 3D animation?! Normally, yes. However, we had to match the specific look achieved in previous Strepsils 2D ads, and the simplest way was to use the same method, namely Flash.