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Every street has its stories – those of the living and those of the dead. 

When James Reynolds hears of the Black Hound, he finds that his own story crosses the boundaries of both.

After the sudden death of his twin sister, 14 year old James Reynolds becomes obsessed with her tale of a black hound, a folkloric creature that is a portent of death. Enlisting the aid of his elderly neighbour, who the local children call ‘The Witch’, he delves into the centuries of village history, the folklore, the ghosts, until he uncovers a deeper secret beyond his darkest nightmares, beyond the sight of most, and beyond the mortal veil.

Set in the South Downs of England, a place that has been home to Celts, Romans, and Vikings, James’ own story is interwoven with tales from his village that also blur the lines between the living and the dead.

Thanks to all the backers that funded and made this book a massive success on Kickstarter! If you wish to order a copy, it is now available in my shop!

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