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Hello to you, the fine people of Thought Bubble!

Here’s my annual summary, so you can see what I might have on offer at this year’s event if I am lucky enough to attend again as an exhibitor. But feel free to explore the rest of my site!

These are the four books that I would 100% have on hand in November:

THE JUNCTION (Titan Comics) 176pp

A CALL TO CTHULHU (Titan Comics) 44pp

THE SPACE BETWEEN THE TREES (self published) 102pp


I have exhibited these titles previously at Thought Bubble, but DOWNLANDS will be a shiny new hardcover edition being released by Titan this autumn.

I will also have a selection of prints, of which these are just a few…

“But enough of this ‘old’ stuff! What about something new?!”, I hear you say…

I have 2 books on the cusp of completion and at least one of them will be available by the time November comes around.

It will be either this one:

Or this one:

If I’m especially productive, both will be on offer. As you may have noted, I haven’t given them names yet. I’m superstitious that way…

Thanks again for your consideration, and I hope to see you in November for the best Comic Convention around!